This project week in October was special. Thanks to the Michael-Haukohl-Stiftung year 10 was able to take part in a week filled with „English only“… – from October 25th to October 30th four teachers from England visited the 10th grade of our school. The main reason why they were here was to teach us how to talk and understand English better. The teachers also wanted to prepare us for the oral exam by giving us little dialogs and other English tasks to work on. The challenge for most of us students was to talk English all the time e.g. during a group discussion.

On the first day we played a little game so the teachers got to know us students better. Later on we received an exercise book. Most of the time, we worked in pairs and groups to present our work in front of the class. On the last day we had to present our presentations about any topic of our choice (e.g. a holiday trip to Egypt) in front of the class and, of course, the teachers. During that week, we always got 1 to 2 hours to work on our presentations.

It was hard to say goodbye to the teachers because they were really nice and helped us a lot. Many of us students think that the “English in Action” week was helpful and interesting. We would recommend this experience to everybody, who wants to improve their English.

We want to thank the Michael-Haukohl-Stiftung for supporting the “English in Action” project financially. We also want to thank Mrs. Voss, Mrs. Anneken and Mr. Abshagen for making this project possible.